Yealink T52S IP Phone Review

Companies across all industries rely heavily on clear communication. That said, a business must invest in a reliable phone system. With a user-friendly phone network, a company can operate and communicate with staff and customers more smoothly.

Yealink is well-renowned for its phone and video conferencing technology. The Yealink T52S IP phone offers users a wide range of features to make internal and external communication quick and easy. 

Continue reading below to learn some of the pros and cons of using the Yealink T52S and some information on implementing it into your operations.

What Are the Benefits of Using an IP Phone?

If you're in the market for a new phone system, then chances are you've seen options for IP phones. It makes sense, considering they are a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses

Overall, IP phones are a top choice for offices for their:

  • Increased Accessibility. IP cloud servers come with various benefits, but perhaps the greatest is the ability to make calls from virtually anywhere. With a decent internet connection, you can receive and make business calls with ease. Considering a more remarkable shift towards mobile workforces, this is incredibly convenient. 
  • Easy Scalability. One challenging growing companies face is improving their internal operations to suit their new influx of customers and employees. As a result, having an easily scalable phone system is vital. IP phones are easy to scale by simply changing your preferences. 
  • Better Voice Quality. IP phones are known for their exceptional voice quality. However, it wasn't always that way. In the past, calls would drop like crazy, plus input and output weren't clear. Through trial and error, IP phones became some of the most reliable on the market.

About the Brand

Yealink is a global company that currently services over 140 countries. It's known for its innovative technology, user-friendly devices, and excellent customer service

Every time they release a new phone, it seems to solve any issues present with previous models. 

Yealink has over 20 years of experience in the communications industry, and they incorporate a lot of their new technology into the Yealink T52S.

The Yealink T52S IP Phone System Overview

At a glance, the Yealink T52S IP Phone looks similar to the SIP-T54S. All three have practically the same design and function similarly, and however, the T52S is slightly more affordable. 

It's one of Yealink's more compact devices, with the display only being 2.8 inches. That said, it fits incredibly cozy in your hands, and the interface is easy to interact with. As a result, it's quick to use and ultimately optimizes operational tasks

The buttons are a comfortable size, and the base system is sleek and shaped perfectly. Overall, it's an excellent phone for heavily involved executives and sales professionals. 

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Features and Specs

The T52S is full of useful functions that are there to streamline business operations. Here's a breakdown of all the top features and specs that make this an excellent phone for internal and external communication:

The Display

Yealink uses a pixel backlit LCD display for the menu interface. Although this is the smallest display for all Yealink IP phones, the image is clear, and the functions are easy to navigate. 

To cycle through all the functions, you need to use the buttons placed below the screen. Users can even change the menu wallpaper to one that's easier on the eyes. What's more, companies can upload their wallpaper to make their system more personal to their brand. 

Key Functions

The Yealink T52S comes with eight essential functions to help your team relay information efficiently, including Call park, Intercom, and Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

Every function comes with both a green and red LED light, so know what's being used. You can also see who is on a call and numerous other insights to improve internal communication.

You can also fiddle with a few other useful features such as speakerphone, voicemail, call holding, headset accessibility, mute, redial, and more.  

The Technology

Yealink doesn't hold back on innovative and reliable technology, and it's a highly crucial factor when choosing a new company phone system. 

The T52S has all of the industry's latest technology, including built-in Gigaport Ethernet and Bluetooth for all versions with wireless handsets. The Bluetooth technology is beneficial because it can also sync contacts directly from smartphones

Inside is also the newest OPUS audio technology, which significantly improves sound quality. Users can also add Wi-Fi capabilities via the USB port.

Yealink T52S Disadvantages

While the Yealink T52S has some fantastic features, it's not flawless, and it bears a lot of the same issues other IP phones come with.

If you don't have a router or Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, you need to purchase a separate power supply for starters. Although it's not a huge setback, it can be pretty frustrating. The power supply isn't expensive, but it could mean extra wait time until you can use your system.

One thing that could have some improvement is the LED display. While the image is clear and well-lit, you can't adjust the screen's position. Making the interface more adjustable would make the phone more accessible to a wide range of users. 

Finally, it only comes with one USB port. While this may be enough for some, it can be obstructive for those looking to connect additional hardware. 

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No doubt, the Yealink T52S comes with a vast array of valuable functions. It's an excellent system for busy executives that need a quick and easy way to manage their call load. What's more, it's pretty affordable when compared to other models.

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