Yealink SIP-T42S IP Phone Review

The Yealink SIP-T42S IP was initially released in 2017. It is a Session Initiation Protocol communications device that can accommodate voice and video calls and is optimal for business VoIP services.

The T42S is the updated version of the Yealink T42G business phone. The T42S and T42G look practically identical to the untrained eye, but the T42S is a technological improvement with numerous enhancements.

Yealink is an industry leader in the SIP business communications market, and the T42S is one of the reasons why. There are probably over 204 billion VoIP subscriptions in the global corporate market. 

And with 62% of Americans working via telecommuting during the pandemic in 2020, businesses need to use the right phone products for their operations.

Like many of the products manufactured by Yealink, the Yealink T42S phone was designed to accommodate "real-world necessities" that any business would encounter under business world conditions. 

As our review will detail, the Yealink T42S is exceptionally user-friendly, compatible with various other business communication devices, and features unified firmware. The technological improvements of the Yealink T42S over the T42G series make business provisioning and management a lot easier.

And while no product can be referred to as a "universal business phone," the Yealink T42S almost comes close.

This exhaustive review will discuss all of the Yealink T42S's features.

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The raw aesthetic and smooth textures of the Yealink T42S exclaim a fashionable elegance even in a business setting. 

The metallic buttons, heavy-feel headset, and matte surface of the phone offer an elegant business-oriented style.

The Yealink T42S has a compact style with a 2.7-inch LCD screen display that looks deceptively small but is still quite efficient in displaying pertinent data. 

It may take some time for the eyes to get adjusted to the screen display size, but in an era where most people get their data from smart device displays, this aspect of the Yealink T42S should not be a dealbreaker.

Sound Quality

The Yealink T42S' Opus codec and Optima HD audio system deliver incredible sound quality.

The technological combination of Yealink's proprietary hardware and software combine to create a crystal-clear communication experience. The Yealink T42S performs optimally even when network connections are spotty.

Additionally, the Yealink T42S featured Hearing Aid Compatible headsets. The system's HAC features should help anyone with hearing loss hear the other party on the phone more clearly.

Configuration and Set-Up

Configuring and setting up the Yealink T42S for business functions is a very user-friendly process. Configuration and set-up can be accomplished easily via accessing Yealink's online configuration page within minutes. 

And all of the business communication products manufactured by Yealink feature unified interfaces, firmware, and hardware. Yealink's technological unification features make the navigation of setting up bulk devices across multiple interfaces a lot easier.


The Yealink T42S features two Gigabit Ethernet ports. And the first port can be used to connect to a PC. And the second port is used to power the phone via PoE since PoE is now the standard way to power VoIP devices. 

The Yealink T42S can additionally be powered by connecting it to a 5-volt AC adaptor. (A 5-volt AC adaptor is usually bought separately.)

The Yealink T42S features an EXT and headset port to accommodate expansion module attachments. You will definitely need the 5-volt AC adaptor to attach expansion modules.

You will also find one USB 2.0 port that can be used to connect WiFi dongles or Bluetooth headsets. You can also plug in recording devices in the USB port as well.

For maximum convenience, the Yealink T42S is wall-mountable and features an integrated back stand with two adjustable angles.

The User Experience

The Yealink T42S is very user-friendly and comes with a suite of functions that make achieving optimal workflow in the workplace an everyday experience.

The Yealink T42S features six programmable keys, also known as DSS keys. And these DSS keys can be found on both sides of the phone. DSS keys can be used for optimal speed dialing and various other functions. 

You will find four soft keys called the contextual buttons near the bottom of the phone's display. The contextual buttons can be preprogrammed to accommodate whatever function you need in relation to your business. 

These buttons can display vital call handling tasks while you are on a business call. Or you can preprogram these buttons to optimally transfer or hold a call. You can program these buttons to take a call while you are already in a call. Just press the "answer" soft key when a second call is incoming, and the Yealink T42S will put the first call on hold.

You can also initiate a conference call with one press of a button while already in a call. 

The Yealink T42S volume button, located near the bottom of the phone, is pre-programmable and adaptable. This button will automatically adjust the phone's volume if pressed during an active call. Press the volume button on its own, and you can adjust the ring volume.

Such features are usually taken for granted by businesses without the knowledge that many of these functions are customizable and programmable. If you buy the Yealink T42S, make the most of these functions to optimize business success.

Yealink T42S Final Thoughts

We say that the Yealink T42S is a quality business communications device that comes with all of the call features that you would expect and naturally take for granted in a business phone.

The Yealink T42S is very user-friendly and relatively easy to set up and configure with the aid of Yealink's official website. After a little practice, using this business phone will become progressively intuitive to any user.

And the fact that Yealink's suite of business communication products all basically feature the same interfaces and features also makes their products user-friendly. It is a compact model that features all of Yealink's signature features at an affordable price.

We recommend that the Yealink T42S be used in small and middle-sized businesses where its use would probably be more optimal.

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