Yealink T41S IP Phone Review

The key to success in business is good communication. A good company must communicate well with its clients and customers. But it is essential always to prioritize internal business communications as well.

Over 35% of businesses have struggled to supervise employees or even lost them due to poor communications. And over 16% of companies use communication technologies to monitor and manage their activities more closely.

The ways of doing business has changed. More importantly, business executives need optimum communications to do their job as efficiently as possible.

That is why we recommend the Yealink T41S IP, or the SJP-T41S, for executive level and internal communications.

The Yealink T41S has many valuable features and extended functionalities that make it a superior communications tool for the modern business executive. And the Yealink T41S is by far the best communications model of Yealink's T4S series. The Yealink T41S is basically a superior upgrade from the T41P communications model.

For example, the Yealink T41S communications model features a faster and improved response interface than its predecessor, the T41P. And even though the Yealink T41S is the latest in Yealink T4's communications line, it is indeed within a class by itself.

The Yealink T41S is a six-line IP business phone that is enhanced with multiple built-in programmable keys. And this upgrade in functionality will optimize and enhance business productivity.

The Yealink T41S offers extremely clear voice communications and amazing audio quality due to the technological upgrades offered by the wideband codec of Opus and Yealink's proprietary Optima HD voice technology. 

Even though the Yealink T41S boasts the same business elegant aesthetic as the overall T4 model line, it features new technological improvements and enhancements that afford businesses greater communications interoperability and collaboration.

So, let's go a little in-depth with our Yealink T41S phone review. If you a looking for a great business phone with enhanced interoperability, the Yealink T41S might be the communications device that your business needs.

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The Yealink T41S Review

We want to say that the Yealink T41S has a deceptive efficiency, optimal features, and interoperability that many businesses and executives may not appreciate until they experience it firsthand.

Our point is that it could be easy to dismiss the Yealink T41S as being represented in its functionalities as per its predecessors if you don't give it a second glance and a try.

We feel the Yealink T41S is worth a try for your business communications needs.

Indicator and Display

For example, the Yealink T41S display is only 2.7" squared and comes with a 192x64 pixel monochrome display. However, this monochrome display is really a backlit graphical LCD monitor. 

The Yealink T41S' LED monitor display is optimum for messaging and call waiting indications. And the LED monitor displays can be illuminated in colors like green or red prioritize status for incoming calls and information.

The Caller ID visual prompt displays the full number and name.

The Yealink T41S' user interface features soft keys and visual icons that are user-friendly and intuitive.

Notable Phone Features

As previously mentioned, the Yealink T41S features six mainline keys that may seem like it is not enough for business communications needs, but that would be a deceptive initial judgment. The sixth line key on the Yealink T41S can be reconfigured to function as a page mode button. 

By reconfiguring the sixth line key into page mode, the Yealink T41S key functionality can be expanded to a full 15 digitally programmable DSS keys. And these added functions can include call pickup and presence and BLF or Busy Lamp Field functionality. Busy Lamp Field functionality enhances the phone's abilities for more accessible one-touch calls and data transfers. Keep in mind that access to such enhanced functionalities depends on your service provider's options as well.

The Yealink T41S features a USB 2.0 connector which also enhances functionality. So, you can plug in a BT40 Bluetooth adaptor or a WF40 WiFi adapter. You can sit at your desk with a wireless headset or your smart device and then synch it to the Yealink T41S via its Bluetooth adaptor. And you can even use the Bluetooth adaptor to remotely synchronize your business contacts on your smart device as well.

You can plug a standard USB drive into the USB 2.0 connector to record and save phone calls for official recordkeeping and documentation.

Are you still used to working with a wired headset? The Yealink T41S also has an RJ9 headset port for wired headset connectivity.

HD Audio and Voice Quality

The Yealink T41S offers amazing voice quality as enabled by Yealink's proprietary Opus and standard high-definition Codecs. The Yealink T41S' Opus Codec is very powerful and can adapt in real-time depending on the reliability of your network connection.

Because the Yealink T41S Opus Codec is designed to a high standard when it comes to HD audio quality, it is meant to be a highly versatile audio codec. The Opus Codec is designed to perform higher than similar wideband codecs in high network bandwidths.

Even if your business has poor network quality, the Yealink T41S' Opus Codec will always provide your business with higher quality audio than most narrowband codecs on the market.

The Yealink T41S' proprietary Optima HD Voice technology features seamlessly combine wideband technology, software, and bleeding-edge hardware to give you an optimal acoustic audio performance. 

Easy Installation and Provisioning

The Yealink T41S is user-friendly in installation and provisioning, not just in operation. This phone supports effortless and easy to conduct mass deployment of Yealink's RPS or Redirection and Provisioning Service.

Yealink's Boot mechanism can help you to realize the Zero Touch Provisioning function without worrying about inputting any complicated manual settings.

We recommend the Yealink T41S for any business looking for an affordable business phone to serve its needs. 

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