5 Best Yealink Wireless Headsets of 2022

Using the right headset in your office can significantly increase productivity for your staff and call quality for your customers.

Let’s get right to it—here are our experts’ reviews on the best Yealink wireless headsets! And if your office is on a budget, we’ve included a couple of wired options so that you can enjoy the benefits of Yealink’s exceptional headsets at a more affordable price.

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1. Yealink WH63 Convertible Headset

The Yealink WH63 headset is a newer entry-level convertible DECT device. It works seamlessly with all major UC platforms and integrates natively with all Yealink IP phones. For a high-quality sound experience, this headset comes standard with Yealink Super Wideband HD Audio and Acoustic Shield technology to ensure you can speak and hear clearly during calls and video conferences. It features easy touch controls and a lightweight design, making this entry-level device a contender for the best Yealink wireless headset.

With the Yealink WH63’s native integration, you no longer need an EHS adapter; you can connect it to your desk phone with a single USB cable. And with its two micro USB ports, you can easily connect a supporting PC and phone together. Plus it integrates seamlessly with Yealink IP phones and the most popular UC platforms, meaning you get exceptional call quality no matter how you use it.

The WH63 headset comes busylight-enabled, meaning that you get an interruption-free experience. The headset’s light turns red while you’re on a call, notifying your coworkers that you’re not to be disturbed. You can wear it with a neckband or headband and use this headset up to 120m away from your desk.

Get the Yealink WH63 Convertible Headset here.

2. Yealink WH66 DECT DUAL Headset

The Yealink WH66 headset and all-in-one UC workstation makes managing your communications easy. It delivers exceptional flexibility with its integrated features, streamlining your daily routine. This is one of the best Yealink wireless headsets for professional, collaborative settings. The integrated workstation lets you connect your devices and manage them from a single device and acts as a hub featuring a full-duplex speakerphone, 4-inch touch screen, USB hub, and a wireless smartphone charging stand. The Yealink WH66 lets you meet, connect, and collaborate in a seamless, intelligent way.

This headset features exceptional background noise filtration, providing both you and your customers or coworkers with a distraction-free, high-quality experience. You can automatically mute your headset by raising the microphone, allowing you to transition from call to in-office conversation instantly without disturbing your call. 

The Yealink WH66 has 14-hours of talk time, and a wireless range spanning 160m. This headset also supports high-density installation, allowing up to 200 users on the wireless network. If you need a high-quality headset packed with useful features, the WH66 is one of the best Yealink wireless headsets to consider.

Get the Yealink WH66 DECT DUAL Headset here.

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3. Yealink WH62 DUAL Wireless Headset

The Yealink WH62 headset is the newest entry-level DECT wireless headset, featuring seamless integration with UC platforms and Yealink IP phones. This headset offers some of the best call quality around with Yealink’s Acoustic Shield and Super Wideband technology. With easy on-ear control, comfortable pads, interruption-free features, and clear audio quality, this is one of the best Yealink wireless headsets for communication and collaboration in an office environment.

This Yealink wireless headset is highly compatible with a range of Yealink devices, meaning that you can enjoy a consistent call experience between all UC platforms. As with all Yealink products, you get exceptional communication quality, lower IT costs, and higher productivity. This headset is certified for Teams and has a dedicated button to activate it with a single touch.

Allowing up to 200 users, 14-hours of call time, and a 160m wireless range, the WH62 is the best entry-level DECT Yealink wireless headset.

Get the Yealink WH62 DUAL Wireless Headset here.

4. Yealink UH34 DUAL USB Headset

The Yealink UH34 headset is an affordable entry-level wired device. It’s the ideal lightweight solution for office workers, weighing in at 118g—up to 30% lighter than similar headsets. The lighter weight means it’s comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Plus with its soft leather ear cushions, comfort isn’t an issue during long conference calls.

It’s a perfect match with Yealink desk phones, offering optimized call quality and an easy setup—plug it into your PC, and it’s ready to use. The in-line call controls plus LED indicators make managing multiple calls a breeze. You can answer, end, and switch calls with the push of a button. Volume control and mute options are located directly on the headset cable.

Designed for call quality, the UH34 headset has high signal-to-noise ratio speakers and an independent cavity design to create passive noise cancellation. This results in a rich, clear quality with minimal background noise. For entry-level workers or offices on a budget, the YH34 is the best Yealink wired headset in this price range.

Get the Yealink UH34 DUAL USB Headset here.

5. Yealink UH36 DUAL Headset

The Yealink UH36 headset is a wired device designed for UC, offices, and call center staff. It features a comfortable band and earpad with high-quality call audio and seamless integration with Yealink phones. It works with most UC platforms and ensures a great call experience all day long.

Since it’s designed for UC use, the UH36 features a 3.5mm jack, USB-A, and USB-C port for use with smartphones, tablets, PCs, and IP phones. With Yealink’s Wideband HD Audio and Dynamic EQ technology, every conversation comes through rich and clear. It features a noise-cancelling microphone and passive noise cancellation to ensure privacy and reduce background noise substantially.

Designed for all day use, it’s an ergonomic and lightweight option, making it one of the best Yealink wired headsets for conference calls and long hours in the office.

Get the Yealink UH36 DUAL Headset here.

Need help deciding which Yealink wireless headset is best for your business? Reach out to our communications specialists at Teams Device Center today!

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