How To Easily Set Up Polycom Conference Calls

In today’s connected world, you want to find ways to connect with clients, employees, and others easily. One efficient way to communicate is through conferencing. With that, you can hold meetings and connect with individuals from around the world. The Polycom conference phone is one of the top choices for any type of business or organization. With this device, you have an effective platform to help your enterprise bloom. 

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What Is the Polycom Conference Phone?

The Polycom conference phone is a great system to have for your business. You can use it for audio, video, and web conferencing. With these phones, you have better voice clarity and audio quality than those traditional speakerphone models. Plus, you can use the conference phone to deliver an impressive performance whether you make a sales pitch or speak to your team. 

You can use the Poly conference phone with a desktop, and it is made to be used in small or medium-sized rooms. Some models may be connected with a Bluetooth device, while others rely on a connection via a USB port. However, some Poly phones also use an analog connection. You can connect the phone to your computer for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications. 

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Tips for a Successful Conference Call 

When you are on a conference call, you want to make sure you have positioned the phone correctly. Never move the phone unnecessarily, and ensure that all of the connections are tightly connected. With its exceptional audio quality and microphone coverage, you can have a meeting that sounds like everyone is in the room

Now that you know about the basics of a Poly conference phone, here is how you can easily set up the device for a conference. 

Make a Conference Call with a Polycom Phone

As you already know, a conference call is set up between two or more parties. Depending on your specific phone system, you might be able to add more than the standard two parties. You can always ask your system administrator to answer those questions. 

Like any type of call, you can hold and resume these conference calls. Plus, you have the ability to split the conference call by ending the connection with one line while placing another party on hold. Some models have conference management features that allow you to manage separate lines in the conference call individually. With that, you can hold, mute, and remove each party. With the Poly phone, it is easy to manage several lines during a conference call.

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Setting Up Conference Calls

With a Poly phone, you have two options to set up a conference call. You can use the conventional way by calling the two parties and using the CONFRNC key. However, you can join the two calls with the JOIN key. 

If you want to set up a conference call, you must:

  • Call the first party.
  • From the Calls or Lines view, press MORE and then CONFRNC. With that, the active call is placed on hold. 
  • Use the dialer to call the second party.
  • When that party answers, press MORE and then CONFRNC to connect everyone on the call. 

Hold and Resume Conference Calls

If you want to place a conference call on hold, you can easily do that from the device. With that, none of the parties will be able to hear each other. All you have to do is press HOLD from the Calls or Lines view. For those in the Calls view, just make sure to highlight the conference call before hitting the HOLD button. Once you want to resume, press the RESUME button. 

End the Conference Call

Ending a conference call is simple, but in some cases, when you press END CALL, the parties may still remain connected by default. You should reach out to your systems administrator to make sure all calls are disconnected with a push of the END CALL button

Split Conference Calls into Two Held Calls

The Poly phone can complete the job when splitting a conference call into two individual calls. With that, the two calls will be placed on hold. This feature can break a held or active conference call. The SPLIT button will end the conference and put the parties on hold. 

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Manage Your Conference Call Participants

Finally, you can even manage the participants in your phone call. With these features, you can hold, mute, and remove a participant from the conference call. Along with that, you will be able to find all of the participant’s information, such as name, number, and call details. This option is available whether you have video-enabled, held, or muted the call. 

If you want to manage the participants in a conference call, you must:

  • Set up an active conference call.
  • From the Calls, Lines, or Active Call view, press the MANAGE button. In the Calls view, you will have to highlight the conference.
  • Use the arrow keys to highlight the participant that you want to manage.
  • For mute, press FAR MUTE.
  • For hold, press HOLD.
  • To remove a party, press REMOVE. This button will remove the part, end the conference call, and create an active call with the remaining party. 

To view information about the participants and their call status, press INFO. With that, a popup with the person’s information will appear. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. Press BACK to exit the conference management function on your Poly phone.

With these simple steps, you can set up a 3-way conference call with your Poly phone. These devices are the top choices to use with a VoIP system. You can easily manage and set up a conference with a click of a button. The Poly phone makes it easy to connect with clients and team members. 

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