Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Vs Basic

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Announced

Microsoft recently announced a new licensing structure for Teams Rooms with the launch of Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro and now Teams Rooms Basic. The Redmond, Washington-based company touts the new offering as having “new innovations, and the Teams Rooms managed service platform—all in one license.”

Microsoft previously offered Teams Room Standard at a cost of $15 per month per device and Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium for $50 per month per device, so the new basic version, (Available at no charge, limited to 25 rooms), will be of value to smaller businesses. Of course, like just about every other “freemium” business model, there are some limitations to the non-Pro version.

Microsoft Teams Pro vs Basic

For starters, the Basic plan is limited to 25 devices per tenant with limited features. Teams Basic Plan doesn’t include Microsoft Intune management or Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1. You also won’t get many “pro” features like intelligent cameras and speakers, dual screens, Teams Panel, Front Row, or Chat.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro users will have access to all of the Microsoft Teams Rooms features including the Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services portal including advanced health monitoring. Pro also offers more automated monitoring and dashboards.

The cost of Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro is $40.00 room/month, (with an annual renewing subscription), while Teams Rooms Basic is available at no charge, (limited to 25 rooms).

Can I have Microsoft Teams Pro and Basic?

If you are looking to mix and match Basic and Pro rooms, it’s possible but will bring some limitations. Keep in mind that Basic rooms will not have the full functionality of Pro rooms and that limitation may cause some confusion. Additionally, you will still be limited to a maximum of 25 Basic rooms/devices.

We have put together a table listing the differences between Basic and Pro. If you want a complete breakdown of Teams Rooms' licenses, you will find it on Microsoft’s website.

This table compares the services included in Teams Rooms Basic vs Teams Room Pro.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro
Maximum number of licenses 25 Unlimited
Microsoft Teams
Audio Conferencing 1
Teams Phone
Microsoft Intune
Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1
Skype for Business Plan 22
Geographic availability Worldwide Worldwide
Segment availability Commercial, Worldwide Public Sector,
Education, Charity, GCC
Commercial, Worldwide Public Sector,
Education, Charity, GCC, GCC-High
Channel availability Web Direct, New commerce experience
(NCE) - Customer led3
EA, EAS, EES, CSP, Web Direct,
NCE - Customer led, NCE - Partner led


 Need Help With Microsoft Teams Rooms?

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