Microsoft Places Will Optimize Your Hybrid Workspaces


Hybrid work promises us the best of all worlds. The ease and comfort of working from home, the connection and energy of engaging with our coworkers in the office, and the flexibility and opportunity of working where we want. But today, there are still challenges preventing this promise from becoming a reality.


What is the purpose of the physical office, anyway? It’s clear that the role of the office has changed. To make a centralized workspace worth the commute, employees need a good reason—more than simply “because that's how we've always done it.” That reason, we’ve found, is the energy and collaborative spirit we get being around each other. But it’s hard to know when colleagues are coming in, and too often, employees have commute regret: the unique frustration of making the commute just to be alone in the office, doing work they could have done from home. And to make matters more challenging, people returning to the office often find spaces that haven’t evolved since 2019 while the world of business is rapidly changing.

With Microsoft Places, you will be able to:

  • Optimize hybrid work schedules
  • Coordinate where work happens
  • Achieve better outcomes for your team
  • Say goodbye to commute regret and hello to a more efficient and collaborative workplace experience.

With Connected Workplace, you can optimize your workspace to be more efficient and productive.

Microsoft Places, a new feature within Microsoft Teams coming in 2023, is paving the way for Connected Workplace technology. It uses hybrid scheduling to coordinate where work happens, allowing employees to easily book flexible workspaces and meeting rooms while also providing insight into space utilization.

Not only will this improve the overall Microsoft Teams experience for users, but it will also lead to better outcomes for businesses in terms of productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction. With Microsoft Places, organizations can optimize their workspaces and support a truly flexible workplace.

Take charge of where work happens to get the results you want

Microsoft Places will also let you easily book meeting rooms and resources like projectors or whiteboards, ensuring that you have everything you need for a successful meeting. And with multi-location support, you can effortlessly schedule meetings across multiple offices, saving time on back-and-forth emails trying to find a convenient spot.

Not only will Microsoft Places make it easier for teams to plan and schedule their work, but it will also help improve efficiency and productivity. Managers can track the utilization of meeting rooms, adjust schedules accordingly, and better plan for future office needs.

By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Places is set to revolutionize how we approach where work happens and ultimately drive better outcomes for teams. Say goodbye to the headache of coordinating where to meet and hello to improved productivity.

Bring your office into the 21st century with intelligent technology

Technology can dramatically improve the in-office experience, especially in places that were not built for hybrid work. With wayfinding, you’ll no longer waste time looking for the right conference room or following outdated building signs; instead, you’ll be able to access a map on your mobile device that guides you to the right place.

Hot desk booking will allow you to see where your closest colleagues are sitting and choose your desk accordingly. And once you get to the right room, Microsoft Teams Rooms empowers everyone to participate regardless of location, thanks to its thoughtful, inclusive features. With the goal of rebuilding and strengthening bonds, Microsoft Places will also facilitate serendipitous meet-ups, allowing colleagues to easily create impromptu meet-ups and share with others in the office. With Places, offices are more responsive to everyone’s needs.

But the most exciting aspect of Microsoft Places is hybrid scheduling. This feature allows team leaders to easily schedule meetings that accommodate remote and in-office participants, as well as adhere to social distancing guidelines. No more back-and-forth emails trying to find a time that works for everyone – with hybrid scheduling, finding the right balance between working in-office and remotely has never been easier.

Microsoft Places is the perfect addition to your Microsoft Teams experience, enhancing collaboration and communication. Say goodbye to frustrating office experiences and embrace a new, smarter way of working.

Welcome To Microsoft Places

Places will bring the power of hybrid scheduling to Microsoft Teams, enabling remote and in-person teams to work better together. Meeting organizers can now see availability for both virtual and physical meeting spaces, making it easier to find the best place for a collaboration session or team brainstorming.

Places will also offer a personalized view of workplace resources, including desk booking, café reservations, and equipment checkouts. And with insights from sensors placed throughout the office, businesses can understand how their physical space is being used and make informed decisions about where employees and teams should be located for maximum productivity.

The future of work is hybrid—and Microsoft Places is planned for release in 2023 to help you make the most out of every place your team comes together. Want to see a preview? Microsoft has put together this video.

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